Blessings for Brisas 5k 2018

Our friends in Cincinnati, Ohio have again supported us enormously by holding a second 5k run to raise funds for the IPS Clinton Rabb clinic in Brisas del Mar.

The run took place on Saturday, 27th October and turnout was excellent.  We will add more photos and details as we receive them, but you can see a video of the event below.

Our grateful thanks to all those who took part, and especially to Rachael McKinney who organised the event.


VIII National Assembly and election of new Bishop

More than 90 attendees, including members of the congregation from our local churches, pastors and superintendents from across Colombia, and esteemed foreign guests from our partner churches and organisations joined us at our VIII National Assembly.

During the closing worship, our newly elected bishop, Luis Andres Caicedo Guayara, was consecrated in his new role by Bishop Juan Alberto Cardona.  Please keep Bishop Luis Andres in your prayers as he prepares to lead the national church in this new era.

Our sisters and brothers from Venezuela

The city of Bucaramanga is experiencing a large influx of Venezuelan immigrants. Venezuela, once the richest country in the region, has declined so much that two thirds of its population currently live in extreme poverty. People have lost their savings in unprecedented inflation (estimated to reach 1,000,000% by the end of the year). The cost of food doubles every month. Despite parents giving up their own meals to give to their children, every sixth child suffers from malnutrition. Doctors do not have even the most basic medications for their patients.

For Happy and Healthy Children, in Brisas de Primavera II

Our congregation in Piedecucuesta is looking to respond to the needs of local children a start a 'For happy and healthy children' project.  The area where we are located is renowned for high rates of internally displaced people by many years of civil conflict. 

We are looking to target undernourished children between 0-12 whose development is at risk. This we plan to achieve by running a food distribution programme as well as by workshop sessions aimed at parents. The will cover the issues of good nutrition, healthy development as well as focus on spiritual family life.

Health Brigades in Brisas del Mar and Vista Hermosa

This weekend, Health Brigades were organised in Brisas del Mar and Vista Hermosa, run by the doctor in attendance at our own Clinton Rabb clinic.  The brigades carried out developmental checks and provided childhood vaccinations, amongst other things.

Additionally, the doctor trained youths in the villages to be able to help the younger children with essential day-to-day healthcare such as brushing teeth.

Religious leaders unite to eradicate modern slavery

Latin American faith leaders have united to jointly declare their commitment to stand against modern slavery.

The religious leaders were brought together at a historic event in Medellin, Colombia, organised by the Global Freedom Network, an initiative of the Walk Free Foundation, in collaboration with the Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano (CELAM). The event united religious leaders from the region to commit to eradicating modern slavery through spiritual and practical actions.