62 students graduate from Livelihoods project in Sucre

Over the past two days, we have celebrated the graduation of 62 students from the first phase of our livelihoods project in La Isla, Sampues and Pueblecito, Palmito.

After more than 300 hours of training in the art of cana flecha production by tutors from SENA, there were displays of the beautiful products which have been made by the attendees.

Next year, commencing in February, further training in marketing will be provided to assist all participants in the packaging and sale of products.  We have also begun seeking possible markets for the products, both in the region of Sucre and also internationally - and the next phase will also see the creation of a web page to sell the products online.

Our sisters and brothers from Venezuela

The city of Bucaramanga is experiencing a large influx of Venezuelan immigrants. Venezuela, once the richest country in the region, has declined so much that two thirds of its population currently live in extreme poverty. People have lost their savings in unprecedented inflation (estimated to reach 1,000,000% by the end of the year). The cost of food doubles every month. Despite parents giving up their own meals to give to their children, every sixth child suffers from malnutrition. Doctors do not have even the most basic medications for their patients. Preventable conditions are taking their toll. The desperation feeds crime, which has skyrocketed and is the third highest in the world.