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Center for Projects

We run a range of projects addressing human rights violations, health, livelihoods and issues affecting vulnerable youth in city slums.

Health and Water

Salud y AguaWe work in areas where entire generations have been wiped out by armed conflict, where villages have no latrines or sources of improved water, where malnutrition is common and where there are no health services. Our work addresses the issues of community health education, diagnosis, treatment and livelihoods.

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LivelihoodsWithin our projects, we prefer a 'hands-on' to a 'handouts' approach. We believe that even small entrepreneurs benefit from knowing the real value of investment. It nurtures the attachment of the entrepreneur to his or her business and yields confident businessmen and women.

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Safe Spaces

Espacios SegurosWe work in areas where armed conflict continues, and where power struggles leave behind daily human losses. Our projects provide safe spaces for those who are most vulnerable, providing an alternative to life on the street, and reducing the opportunity for recruitment into armed gangs.

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