News in English for Iglesia Colombiana Metodista Nueva Jerusalem

Tuesday 6 November 2018

Our friends in Cincinnati, Ohio have again supported us enormously by holding a second 5k run to raise funds for the IPS Clinton Rabb clinic in Brisas del Mar.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

This weekend, Health Brigades were organised in Brisas del Mar and Vista Hermosa, run by the doctor in attendance at our own Clinton Rabb clinic.  The brigades carried out developmental checks and provided childhood vaccinations, amongst other things.

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Last week, a group of nine volunteers from the West Ohio Conference of the United States visited Brisas.  They worked tirelessly in the construction of the new church building, as well as sharing worship and ministry with the men, women and children of the village.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

The water system at Brisas continues to operate successfully, and the majority of the residents collect their water from the raised water tower in the centre of the village.

Sunday 14 January 2018

After months of construction, involving the cooperation of village residents, groups of volunteers from the United States and professional tradesmen, we are delighted to announce that the electric water pump in Brisas del Mar was today switched on, marking the completion of the project to provide

Saturday 4 November 2017

On 4th November, our great friends and supporters in Ohio, United States, set out for a 5km run to raise funds for the IPS Clinton Rabb clinic in Brisas del Mar.  There were 57 runners, and thanks to God, the weather was perfect!

Sunday 24 September 2017

During the national festival of Brisas del Mar, 14 children celebrated their first communion and 13 more were baptised.

The Bishop, Juan Alberto Cardona, ran sessions with the children and their parents to explain the meaning of communion, and officiated during the ceremony itself.

Thursday 17 August 2017

A number of dignatories from el Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA) today visited Brisas del Mar, to present to the residents initial plans for a joint programme to deliver training and livelihoods support in the region.

Wednesday 16 August 2017

7 volunteers from the Western Pennsylvania Methodist Conference, in the United States, came to Brisas del Mar this week.