Training courses commence in cooperation with SENA

On Thursday and Friday, our training courses provided in cooperation with SENA commenced in the two communities of La Isla (Sampues) and Pueblecito (Palmito).

In attendance were senior SENA personnel, Rev Luis Gabriel de la Rosa Benavides (Superintendent of the Litoral district) and Rev David Danilo Diaz Rivas (Coordinator of the Project).

The courses will provide both technical training to create cana flecha products (such as hats and bags) using the industrial sewing machines provided by the church, as well as commercial training in areas such as product packaging and marketing.

The beneficiaries of the project come from areas where there is a high level of income inequality, and the aim of the project is to increase household income in order to help all members of the household, as well as the wider community.

You can explore anonymised data from our baseline survey below: