Musical Group "Pisando Fuerte UM"

Our musical group Pisando Fuerte UM, has been a great support, through its youth initiative, to the public policies of youth in the department of Sucre. The departmental Health Secretariat invited them to lead the Adolescent Pregnancy Strategy and Action Plan for 2018. Also, at the municipal level, they lead the youth initiative "Promotion of sexual and reproductive rights in youth and adolescents through music and theater" through a cooperation agreement signed with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

They are the authors of the song on prevention of pregnancy in adolescents, declared as the official song of the strategy in the department of Sucre. (You can listen to it below, or via the following link:

In addition, they have a seat at the table of Youth and Early Childhood and Adolescence, both at the departmental and municipal level. at which they represent us as the Colombian Methodist Church.

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