Seven Weeks for Water 2018

The World Council of Churches Ecumenical Water Network (WCC-EWN) began the 2018 edition of its annual Lenten campaign “Seven Weeks for Water” in Bogota, Colombia, on 14 February.

WCC leaders, members of WCC Reference Group of the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, and local churches participated in a ceremony at La Giralda, headquarters of the Colombian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Rev. Jhon Botia, from the Colombian Methodist Church, was one of the local church representatives present.

Prevention of youth recruitment into violent armed groups

ICM of Buenaventura is preparing to carry out a project focusing on young people that are often targeted by armed groups. Children and youth coming from disadvantaged backgrounds (single headed households, incomplete education and low economic status) are often recruited by armed gangs and drug trafficking groups. 

Piped water for Brisas del Mar

After months of construction, involving the cooperation of village residents, groups of volunteers from the United States and professional tradesmen, we are delighted to announce that the electric water pump in Brisas del Mar was today switched on, marking the completion of the project to provide a continuous and reliable water supply to the village.

Livelihood opportunities for Zenu community

The Coventry and Nuneaton Circuit of the British Methodist Church has fundraised over £6,000 in order to support the launch of our new livelihood project in Sucre.

This will be used by the Zenu community (Amerinidan tribe) to purchase the necessary tools and equipment to start manufacturing caña fleche produce.  This type of cane has been used by Zenus for centuries to make hats - which have become one of the country’s symbols and are in demand by Colombians as well as many tourists.