Health Brigades

On Saturday 4th August, a Health Brigade was held in the community of La Isla, where medical consultations, cytologies, dentistry, haircuts, family counselling, and talks of personal improvement were provided, among others.

UENIC Virtual, SENA and the Municipal Health Secretariat participated in the day.

This activity is linked to the livelihoods project that is being carried out in the Colombian Methodist Church "Manantial de vida", and was organized by the instructors Arleth Herrera and Lidis Blanquicet, in the company of all  participants of the project.

Livelihoods project in indigenous Zenu communities

Today, we have launched a new livelihoods project in two indigenous Zenu communities within Sucre: La Isla, Sampues and Pueblecito, Palmito.

With resources donated by the Coventry and Nuneaton Circuit of the British Methodist Church, six industrial sewing machines have been purchased, together with sufficient material to produce the first 50 handbags and 50 hats. Today began the process of setup and calibration of the machines, and an induction was provided by the technician to the two communities.

Unique world Christian forum meets in Bogotá

The third Global Gathering of the Global Christian Forum (GCF), the world’s most diverse high-level leadership grouping in global Christianity, has begun in Bogotá, Colombia, with Bishop Juan Alberto Cardona in attendance.

An opening prayer service on 24 April included scriptures read in Arabic, Spanish and English and French; music combined the soft chants of Taizé and tradition Latin sounds of pan pipes, percussion and guitar.